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Perks and discounts.
A valuable addition to your employees’ pay package.

From discounts on food and high-street goods to gym membership and even holidays abroad, we offer an ever-expanding range of deals to boost your employees’ rewards package. It can boost satisfaction and staff loyalty too.

A big boost for pay packets

Great offers for the whole family

Hundreds of famous brands

A big boost for pay packets

  • Our valuable deals and discounts include household goods and groceries, making shopping bills that little bit more manageable. 
  • It’s a practical benefit that can be used day after day to add £££££s to purses and pockets.
  • For many employees it’s more valuable than a pay rise.
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Great offers for the whole family

  • We’ve got deals for everyone – from an indulgent day out at a Spa to fun family days at theme parks…
  • A comprehensive choice of categories covers everything from entertainment, holidays and technology through to fashion, beauty and more…
  • Employees make savings day in, day out throughout the year…
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Hundreds of famous brands

  • We negotiate great deals with hundreds of well-known brands, so offer real everyday value. 
  • We’re constantly introducing new names and deals to keep things fresh, and to keep people coming back for more.
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Evidence-based with proven results


Boosted staff annual pay per employee, per year


of employees more likely to stay in their jobs because of their employee benefits package


of employees would choose additional benefits over a pay rise

Perks & discounts – offering a great deal for your business too.

It’s not just your teams who’ll be making savings, it’s your business too – in terms of pay rises, rewards and employee retention.

A cost-effective way to boost employees’ pay

The range of deals on offer – including on groceries and everyday items – translates into well over £2,000 savings annually*. In pay rise terms that’s significant, and it’s tax efficient too. It’s a great addition to your rewards and incentives programme.

*Based on The National Statistics Household Expenditure Report 2017-2018, when compared to our available offers by category.

Locking in loyalty

A 2015 survey by Glass Door revealed that 79% of UK employees value new or additional benefits above a simple increase in pay. So giving them access to thousands of discounts and deals means a more loyal and committed workforce for you. Every time they buy, they’ll be thinking of you, and thanking you too.


Paul Houston



"I would highly recommend Skye Wellbeing for just the perks alone. However it's much more than that; for businesses serious about employee wellbeing this is a no brainer. We are all very pleased with the impact it's had across the business."


Kamran Saleem


Motorserv UK

Skye has helped us boost staff morale during Covid, it’s been difficult trading conditions due to Covid yet Skye has still enabled us to reward staff. The app’s simplicity of use and good range of features that can be used on a regular basis make us feel Skye is a very valuable benefit not just a box ticking exercise.


Kully Kalore


Moving Water Media

Skye is great for giving employees that little extra recognition for their hard work. During the last 12 months we have found the wellbeing support and retail discounts have been especially useful for our staff. We feel Skye offers fantastic value for money and its perceived value is much higher.


Tim Hammond


Makes Sense

We use Skye to offer added value to our clients who use our accountancy practice. Feedback from clients has been very positive and the 24-7 GP service has been one of the most popular features. Offering Skye to our clients has given us more reasons to engage with client, increase retention and further grow our business.

Trusted by established businesses

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Make your employees feel valued, engaged & connected

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