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Easy GP consultations - by video or phone.
Saving your team time, effort and worry.

No walking, no waiting, no problem… with 24/7 availability to GPs by ‘phone or video consultation, the Skye Wellbeing app connects employees and their families to quality advice, direct into their homes. It’s quick and convenient, and it can help save businesses time and money too.

Home or abroad

Prescriptions delivered to work or home

Care for an employee's whole family 24/7

Unlimited monthly consultations

Multi-lingual doctors

Home or abroad

  • Whether they’re on business or on holiday, your team can talk to GPs wherever they are.
  • Provides quick reassurance, support and advice with no language complications.
  • Easy access to a huge online database of health and travel information to aid holiday planning.
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Prescriptions delivered to work or home

  • Our qualified GPs can make diagnoses and provide an authorised prescription, saving time.
  • For added convenience, our online pharmacy service ensures same day delivery to your employee’s home or place of work.
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24/7/365 care for your employees – and their families

  • By including your employees ‘family in the cover, we’re extending the benefit and adding value all round.
  • It’s an ‘always-on’ service – so your people know there’s someone to turn to, whenever they need.
  • Designed for ease and peace of mind, we reduce the difficulty of seeing a GP.
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Unlimited monthly consultations

  • Our GPs are there for your people, however often they’re needed. There’s no limit on the number of calls they can make.
  • There’s no time limit on the calls either. Our team takes time to listen and get things right.
  • Employees simply book in a time and place of their choosing. What could be easier?
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Multi-lingual doctors

  • Our fully inclusive service includes a diverse team of qualified GPs.
  • We offer consultations in a wide range of languages, so it’s accessible to everyone.
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Evidence-based with proven results


Doctor appointment costs per employee, per year


Absenteeism costs per employee, per year

£10 billion

Lost in UK working hours

Benefitting your business

Giving employees easy access to GPs is a great way to show you value their contribution. It comes with plenty of added benefits for your business too.

Reduce absenteeism

Going to GPs takes time out of work. Equally, not going could create longer-term problems and absence. The time that’s lost as a result costs UK businesses an estimated £600 per employee per year*. Online consultations help cut down on lost time, and lost costs.

*Absence Management Survey 2013.

Improve productivity – and retention

More time at work and a healthier, motivated workforce translates into a more productive business. Similarly, by feeling valued, employee loyalty can increase, saving businesses the effort and cost of recruitment. On average, the real cost of replacing employees is £30,000 per person.


Paul Houston



"I would highly recommend Skye Wellbeing for just the perks alone. However it's much more than that; for businesses serious about employee wellbeing this is a no brainer. We are all very pleased with the impact it's had across the business."


Kamran Saleem


Motorserv UK

Skye has helped us boost staff morale during Covid, it’s been difficult trading conditions due to Covid yet Skye has still enabled us to reward staff. The app’s simplicity of use and good range of features that can be used on a regular basis make us feel Skye is a very valuable benefit not just a box ticking exercise.


Kully Kalore


Moving Water Media

Skye is great for giving employees that little extra recognition for their hard work. During the last 12 months we have found the wellbeing support and retail discounts have been especially useful for our staff. We feel Skye offers fantastic value for money and its perceived value is much higher.


Tim Hammond


Makes Sense

We use Skye to offer added value to our clients who use our accountancy practice. Feedback from clients has been very positive and the 24-7 GP service has been one of the most popular features. Offering Skye to our clients has given us more reasons to engage with client, increase retention and further grow our business.

Trusted by established businesses

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Make your employees feel valued, engaged & connected

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