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Health & wellbeing.
Confidential advice to provide reassurance to your people.

There are countless things that can affect the wellbeing and performance of your people – from bereavement and money worries through to legal matters and personal health. Our experts are always on hand with totally confidential advice and support.

Holistic wellbeing advice

Expert money and legal support

Care for carers

Cyber email scanning service

Holistic wellbeing advice

  • Our team of wellbeing specialists is on hand to offer advice, support and guidance on a wide range of healthcare issues, providing reassurance for your people.
  • An emotional Healthline staffed by trained counsellors helps employees cope with bereavement, anxiety, mental stress and depression.
  • Additional features such as health clubs, boot camps and an online wellbeing tracker encourage better lifestyle choices.
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holistic wellbeing advice

Expert money and legal support

  • Legal expertise delivered 24/7 through one of the UK’s leading law firms covers everything from disputes through to family and employment law.
  • A team of experts is on hand to provide impartial support and advice on key money matters, including debt management and welfare assistance as well as with tax and retirement planning.
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legal support

Care for carers

  • The UK’s growing army of family carers are often under pressure and feel unsupported – our 24/7/365 helpline connects people with vital information and support.
  • Staffed by friendly, helpful professionals, our service includes emergency and back-up care, as well as advice on key topics such as funding, medical costs and legal issues.
  • Helps increase confidence while reducing stress.
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care for carers

Cyber email scanning service

  • Cybercrime is growing, and a constant threat to everyone. Our service and support helps keep your employees’ data safe in cyber space. 
  • Our services include an email scanning service to eliminate known threats.
  • We provide reports and action plans to help educate your people.
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Cyber email

Evidence-based with proven results


of staff feel motivated to do their best if their bosses prized staff wellness


greater profitability in highly engaged teams


of employees feel burned out on the job

Health & wellbeing. Creating a healthier working environment

By giving your people access to advice and support, you’re also giving your business healthier and stress-free employees… and that’s great for your business’s wellbeing too.

Fulfilling your responsibilities and duty of care

Organisations are responsible for looking after their people properly, and it’s an increasing consideration for jobseekers. Showing you care shows you take these responsibilities seriously, and that’s good for reputations, for recruitment, and for staff retention.

Helping your team to help themselves

The range of advice on offer means there’s vital help at hand when it’s needed most, empowering your people to live lives better – and that’s something they’ll bring over into the workplace too.


Paul Houston



"I would highly recommend Skye Wellbeing for just the perks alone. However it's much more than that; for businesses serious about employee wellbeing this is a no brainer. We are all very pleased with the impact it's had across the business."


Kamran Saleem


Motorserv UK

Skye has helped us boost staff morale during Covid, it’s been difficult trading conditions due to Covid yet Skye has still enabled us to reward staff. The app’s simplicity of use and good range of features that can be used on a regular basis make us feel Skye is a very valuable benefit not just a box ticking exercise.


Kully Kalore


Moving Water Media

Skye is great for giving employees that little extra recognition for their hard work. During the last 12 months we have found the wellbeing support and retail discounts have been especially useful for our staff. We feel Skye offers fantastic value for money and its perceived value is much higher.


Tim Hammond


Makes Sense

We use Skye to offer added value to our clients who use our accountancy practice. Feedback from clients has been very positive and the 24-7 GP service has been one of the most popular features. Offering Skye to our clients has given us more reasons to engage with client, increase retention and further grow our business.

Trusted by established businesses

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Make your employees feel valued, engaged & connected

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