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The UK’s most comprehensive employee wellbeing service.

Invest. Inspire. Improve.

Invest in your people – for just a few pounds per person per month. Inspire their loyalty and improve their wellbeing and the performance of your business with the UK’s only dedicated employee wellbeing service.

Everyone benefits.

The all-in-one wellbeing package
for employee engagement

One app, giving employees easy access to three key benefits... and giving employers a key tool for driving engagement and productivity.

Unlimited online GP consultations.

Gives your people peace of mind.
Demonstrates your duty of care.
Helps reduce days off work.

GP appointments can be a hassle to arrange, and cost businesses time and money. Unlimited online access to GPs helps solve these problems and shows employees that you value their wellbeing.

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Unrivalled 24/7 Doctor Access

Instant access to online GP

Show staff you value their health
Reduce staff absences
Unlimited monthly consultations

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Valuable offers and retail discounts.

Incentivises employees with unique offers.
Boosts their pay and rewards package.
Improves loyalty and staff retention.

Pay is important, but employees expect more*. Bespoke rewards – including 1000s of retail discounts and deals – adds something extra to the pay packet and increases employee satisfaction.

*A 2015 Glass Door survey revealed that 79% of staff would prefer new or additional benefits to a pay increase.


Staff Health & Wellbeing at the heart of everything we do

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Health and Wellbeing

Specialist health and wellbeing advice.

Connects employees to a network of advisers.
Helps reduce stress and improves wellness.
Builds a happier and healthier workforce.

Small worries can turn into big problems, so talking to trained experts can be a great help. Covering everything from health and finance to cyber security and the law, we add value to your people - and to your business.

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Make your employees feel valued, engaged & connected